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Key Documents

This section offers an overview of key documents on the Lisbon Strategy. Besides the most recent documents, you will also find a classification by key area (see right-hand menu).

The Lisbon Strategy was adopted in March 2000 and aims to make the EU the most dynamic and competitive economy by 2010. This strategy involves a whole set of policy areas, from research and education to environment and employment, to name only a few.


Member States' autumn 2006 reports on the implementation of their National Reform Programmes
Brussels, 22 November 2006

Community Lisbon Programme: Technical Implementation Report 2006 - SEC(2006) 1379 pdf (246Kb)
Brussels, 23 October 2006

An innovation-friendly, modern Europe - COM(2006) 589 final
Brussels, 12 October 2006

Financing SME Growth – Adding European Value – COM(2006) 349 pdf (190Kb)
Brussels, 29 June 2006

Social services of general interest in the European Union – COM(2006) 177 pdf (162Kb)
Brussels, 26 April 2006

National Reform Programmes pdf (118Kb)
Brussels, 11 April 2006

Brussels European Council - Presidency Conclusions pdf (253Kb)
Brussels, 23-24 March 2006

Transfer of Businesses – Continuity through a new beginning – COM(2006) 117 pdf (161Kb)
Brussels, 14 March 2006

Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets through education and learning – COM(2006) 33 pdf (172Kb)
Brussels, 14 February 2006

Annual Progress Report
25 January 2006

Spring reports : TIME TO MOVE UP A GEAR - The new partnership for growth and jobs – COM(2006) 30 pdf (274Kb)
Brussels, 25 January 2006

Performance in the Member States : "Time to Move Up A Gear" The European Commission's 2006 Annual Progress Report on Growth and Jobs pdf (118Kb)
Brussels, 25 January 2006

The new Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs : an estimation of the economic impact of reaching five Lisbon Targets (published by Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General of the European Commission) pdf (514Kb)

European values in the globalised world - Contribution of the Commission to the October Meeting of Heads of State and Government - COM(2005) 525 final pdfNederlands (~300kb)
Brussels, 20 October 2005

Common Actions for Growth and Employment: The Community Lisbon Programme - COM(2005) 330 final pdf ČeštinaDanskEesti keelEllinikaespañolItalianoLatviešu valodaLietuvių kalbaMagyarMaltiNederlandsPolskiPortuguêsSlovenščinaSlovenčinaSuomiSvenska (199kb)
Annex SEC(2005) 981pdf (275kb)
Press Release
Brussels, 20 July 2005

Working together for growth and jobs - Next steps in implementing the revised Lisbon strategy - SEC (2005) 622/2 pdf (197Kb)
Information note from President Barroso pdf (74Kb)
Brussels, 29 April 2005

Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs (2005-2008) - Document adopted by the Council pdf (363Kb)
Press Release
Brussels, 12 April 2005

New proposals for growth and jobs under the next Financial Framework 2007-13,
Brussels, 6 April 2005

Commission spring economic forecast 2005 - 2006 pdf (1.1Mb)
Press Release ČeštinaDanskEesti keelEllinikaespañolItalianoLatviešu valodaLietuvių kalbaMagyarMaltiNederlandsPolskiPortuguêsSlovenčinaSlovenščinaSuomiSvenska
Brussels, 4 April 2005

Presidency Conclusions, European Council pdf (235Kb)
Brussels, 22-23 March 2005

The economic costs of non-Lisbon - A survey of the literature on the economic impact of Lisbon-type reforms - SEC(2005) 385 pdf (829Kb)
Brussels, 15 March 2005

Structural Indicators pdf (214Kb)
Update of the Statistical Annex (annex 1) to the 2005 Report from the Commission to the Spring European Council
Brussels, 11 March 2005

Report from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on equality between women and men, 2005 - COM(2005) 44 final pdf (227Kb)
Brussels, 14 February 2005

Communication from the Commission on the Social Agenda - COM(2005)33 final pdf (146Kb)
Brussels, 9 February 2005

Lisbon Action Plan incorporating EU Lisbon Programme and recommendations for actions to Member States for inclusion in their national Lisbon Programmes - SEC(2005)192 pdf (293Kb)
Brussels, 4 February 2005

Delivering on growth and jobs: a new and integrated economic and Employment co-ordination cycle in the EU - SEC(2005)193 pdf (226Kb)
Brussels, 4 February 2005

Commission Staff Working Document in support of the report from the Commission to the Spring European Council - SEC(2005)160 pdf (1.2Mb)
Brussels, 4 February 2005

Working together for growth and jobs - A new start for the Lisbon Strategy pdfceštinadanskeesti keelΕλληνικάespañolitalianolatviešu valodalietuviu kalbamagyarMaltiNederlandspolskiportuguêsslovencinaslovenšcinasuomisvenska (~500Kb)
Communication to the Spring European Council - COM (2005) 24
Brussels, 2 February 2005

Second Implementation Report of the Internal Market Strategy 2003-2006 pdf (168Kb)
Brussels, 27 January 2005

Presidency Conclusions, European Council pdf ceštinadanskeesti keelΕλληνικάespañolitalianolatviešu valodalietuviu kalbamagyarMaltiNederlandspolskiportuguêsslovencinaslovenšcinasuomisvenska (~280kb)
Brussels, 4-5 November 2004

Presidency Conclusions on the Lisbon strategy 2000-2004 by theme, June 2004 pdf (435kb)

Presidency Conclusions, European Council  
pdfCeštinaDanskEesti keelελληνικάCastellanoItalianoLatviešu valodaLietuviu kalbaMagyarMaltiNederlandsPolskiPortuguêsSlovencinaSlovenšcinaSuomiSvenska (~200kb)
Brussels, 17-18 June 2004

Commission Spring Economic Forecasts 2004-2005 pdf (1.8Mb)
Brussels, 7 April 2004

Employment recommendations for 2004 (COM 2004/239 final)
Brussels, 7 April 2004

Presidency Conclusions, European Council pdfCastellanoDanskEllinikaItalianoNederlandsPortuguêsSuomiSvenska (~175kb)
Brussels, 25-26 March 2004

Delivering Lisbon - Reforms for the enlarged Union (COM 2004/29) pdfCastellanoDanskEllinikaItalianoNederlandsPortuguêsSuomiSvenskaČeštinaEesti keelLatviešu valodaLietuvių kalbaMagyarMaltiPolskiSlovenčinaSlovenščina (~900kb)
Report from the Commission to the Spring European Council
Brussels, 21 January 2004
Press Release CastellanoDanskEllinikaItalianoNederlandsPortuguêsSuomiSvenska

Joint Employment Report 2003/2004 (COM 2004/24) CastellanoDanskElinikaItalianoNederlandsPortuguêsSuomiSvenska
Brussels, 21 January 2004
Background Note

Report on the implementation of the Internal Market Strategy (2003-2006) (COM 2004/22) pdf (415kb)
Brussels, 21 January 2004
Background Note

Communication from the Commission on the Implementation of the 2003-2005 Broad Economic Policy Guidelines (COM 2004/20 final) - Part I pdf (1Mb) - Part II pdf (1.1Mb)
Brussels, 21 January 2004

Classification by theme (2003-2004)

Economic and Financial Affairs
Education and Culture
Energy and Transport
Information Society
Internal Market
Social Affairs
Structural indicators
Taxation and Customs Union

Key Areas
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