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Jackson & Sorensen: Introduction to International Relations 2e

Chapter 03


Classical Realism
Neoclassical Realism
Strategic Realism
NATO expansion


Click here for a discussion of the concept of war as well as links to related web resources. The site is maintained by Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.


The International Relations and Security Network provides links to almost every dimension of security.


This website, maintained by Mount Holyoke College, provides a short introduction to realist thought as well as several links to realist works.

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Classical Realism


Click here to read the full text of Thucydides realist classical "The History of the Peloponnesian War". The text is provided by the Internet Classics Archive.


Click here for a comprehensive site on Ancient Greece, maintained by World News. The site provides, among other things, information about history, politics and culture.


Another classical realist work is "The Prince" written by Niccolo Machiavelli. Click here to read the full text of the work, provided by Alwyn Botha.


Here you can read the full text of yet another realist classical: "The Leviathan" by Thomas Hobbes. The text is provided by Oregon State University.

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Neoclassical Realism


Click here to read an extract from Hans J. Morgenthau's "Politics among Nations". The site is hosted by bigchalk.


In 1999, Thunderbird published a special issue of "International Studies Notes" on the legacy of Hans Morgenthau. Click here to read the contributions.


To find out more about political ethics in international relations, click here to read a paper written by Stanley Hoffmann on this topic. The paper is provided by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs (CCEIA).

http://www.copri.dk/publications/WP/WP 2001/42-2001.pdf

In "Realism and Foreign Policy Analysis" Sten Rynning and Stefano Guzzini discuss the applicability of neoclassical realism to foreign policy analysis. The paper is provided by Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI).

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Strategic Realism


Here, Stanford University provides an excellent account of the basics of game theory.


Click here for a thorough introduction to political game theory. The site is maintained by William King, Drexel University.


This site contains an archive on all sorts of diplomacy put together by Stephen Agar.


Here are some more links to the world of diplomacy on the Internet, maintained by Stephen Agar.


Click here to read the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Optional Protocols. The text is provided by The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

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In their book "The Logic of Anarchy: Neorealism and Structural Realism", Barry Buzan, Charles Jones and Richard Little explore the theoretical developments within realist thought. The book is provided by Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO).


Click here for the full text of Kenneth Waltz's paper "The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: More May Better" on nuclear deterrence in a bipolar world. The site is maintained by Mount Holyoke College.


Click here for information about the Cold War and links to other related sites. The site is hosted by PJ Healy.com.


For a discussion of the role of systems in IR, click here to read the paper "Empire, Great Power Hegemony, Balance of Power, Concerts of Power: An Essay On the Role Of Systems In International Relations", written by Sourabh Gupta. The paper was published in the journal Periscope.


In their paper "Back to Bipolarity" Hans Binnendijk and Alan Henrikson discuss the prospects for evolution of the international system in the Post-Cold War era. The paper is provided by the National Defense University.

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NATO expansion


The homepage of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) provides information about the organization as well as links to publications and issues related to the activities of NATO.


Click here for Yahoo's collection of links on NATO.


Click here to read NATO's own study of the NATO enlargement process.


"This report develops and applies an analytical framework for thinking about the determinants of future NATO enlargement, the specific defence challenges they pose, and shaping policies that might aid in addressing these challenges". The report is published by RAND.


Click here to read the report of the Woodrow Wilson Center on the NATO enlargement process.

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Click here to read a paper entitled "The enduring dilemmas of realism in International Relations", written by Stefano Guzzini. The paper is provided by Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO).


In their book "International Relations Theory and the End of the Cold War", Richard Ned Leboe and Thomas Risse-Kappen argue that realism cannot explain the end of the Cold War. The book is provided by Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO).

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